Southern Utah is packed full of incredible natural wonders and exciting places to experience. With its large number of national parks, which house very unique formations, southern Utah is a great vacation destination. While there are many great places to stay during a trip to southern Utah, the town of Tropic is, by far, one of the best places to stay during a trip.

Tropic, Utah is in the middle of many incredible places to visit. The national parks alone bring many visitors year after year. Since there is so much to do and so many people visiting, it’s important for visitors to have great, comfortable places to stay. In Tropic, there is a huge selection of lodging options to choose from. Visitors can stay at hotels, motels, rental cabins and more. These various options mean everyone can find their perfect place to stay during their adventure in southern Utah.

Why choose Tropic?

Tropic is a wonderful little town, situated in the middle of so many exciting places. It is a central hub for many national parks, interesting cities, and exciting adventure destinations. The town itself has a unique, small-town character that cannot be found in most places. Its small population, around 500 residents, and quaint atmosphere make it a unique place to stay during a visit to southern Utah. With so many amazing places to explore nearby, Tropic is the best choice for every traveler.

The most notable place to explore while staying in Tropic is Bryce Canyon. Tropic is only about a ten-minute drive to Bryce Canyon National park, which makes it the perfect place to stay for those wanting to see the park. This amazing national park brings guests from far and wide throughout the year. Bryce Canyon is home to unique natural formations, beautiful scenery, and an endless amount of exciting activities to do. It’s not possible to see Bryce Canyon in one day, so visitors should be sure to take advantage of lodging in Tropic.

For those looking to explore outside of Bryce Canyon, Tropic is near many other great popular locations. Nearby national parks include Zion National Park, Dixie National Forest, Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monument, and even the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. All of these amazing places take two hours or less to drive to from Tropic. That means that when travelers are hoping to see the natural beauty of the American west, there is no better place to stay than in Tropic, Utah.

Hotels Within 100 Miles

Types of lodging

Lodging in Tropic gives visitors many choices. Different people enjoy staying at different lodging choices based on their needs and preferences. Since there are many places to choose from, everyone will be able to find a great fit for them. When looking for a place to stay, being aware of the most popular lodging types and their descriptions can be helpful. From hotels to cabins, there’s a comfortable spot for every traveler to rest their head.

Hotels and motels

Hotels are a great option for visitors who want a variety of amenities, no matter how long they plan to stay. Hotels have the biggest range of pricing, so they are perfect for all types of budgets, as well. Many hotels and motels offer continental breakfast, the internet, and many more luxuries. This allows guests to relax and unwind after a day of adventure. There are many great hotels and motels to choose from in Tropic.


Some travelers prefer to have a more spacious area during their stay. For those with large groups or travelers who are staying in Tropic for an extended time, renting a home or cabin is a terrific option. Having a larger rental has many benefits. Visitors have somewhere that is more like home to return to at the end of the day. Some rentals have full kitchens, so there is no need to eat out for every meal, which saves money. Also, rentals with multiple bedrooms are perfect for fitting multi-family groups. Rentals are an important option to consider when staying in Tropic.

Bed and breakfasts

Often overlooked, bed and breakfasts are a terrific option for those visiting the Tropic area. Bed and breakfasts are unique in that you are staying in a room that is more like an area of a home than an area of a big business. They provide a cozy feel and a great place to unwind. There are a variety of rooms to choose from and many advantages to staying in a bed and breakfast. One of the biggest advantages is that guests are guaranteed a home-cooked breakfast each day. What a great way to start the day! There are a few different bed and breakfasts to choose from when deciding on lodging in Tropic. It’s a great idea to consider staying at a bed and breakfast to create a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

RV parks and campgrounds

Some visitors prefer to bring their lodging along with them. However, they will still need a safe, comfortable place to set up camp. There are a few different campgrounds and RV parks to choose from when visiting the Tropic area.

For those who bring along a tent, a smaller site with few amenities will suffice. Most campsites are located near fresh water, restroom facilities, and other living essentials. Most include a place to have a campfire and enjoy a meal and relax. Staying in a tent during a stay in Tropic can be a fun, exciting, and comfortable experience.

Travelers who have RVs or other mobile campers have great site options, as well. Most RV sites include electricity and other essentials for making a stay in an RV enjoyable. Finding a great place to park an RV and start exploring is quite easy in Tropic, Utah.


The amenities available from each lodging option vary greatly. Every option, from hotels to campsites, will offer different things to guests. When choosing to lodge in Tropic, it is important for visitors to consider the type of amenities they cannot live without during their stay. By first choosing the amenities they wish to have, narrowing down lodging options will be much easier. Though the amenities do vary, below are some of the most common things offered by traditional lodgings, like hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Common amenities include:

  • Cable television
  • Wireless internet
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee maker
  • Telephone access
  • Heating and air conditioning…and much more.

Potential guests should review this list, and investigate further, to find the perfect lodging option that has all of the amenities they desire. With so many places to choose form in Tropic, everyone will be able to find the perfect fit for them. Keep in mind that those who plan to stay at a campsite can expect to miss out on extra amenities, but the connection to nature achieved by camping out is well worth it. An essential part in having a memorable trip is to find the best lodging, and in Tropic, Utah, this could not be easier.

Book a stay in Tropic

There are so many advantages to staying in the beautiful town of Tropic during a trip to Bryce Canyon or one of the other many national parks in the area. Tropic’s central location makes it the ideal place to stay no matter where the ultimate destination of the trip is. Tropic provides a small, hometown feel to all its guests. Visitors will feel like they belong in this terrific town as soon as they arrive. The huge variety of lodging options offered within Tropic are sure to be able to accommodate every type of traveler. Outdoorsmen and women will be delighted by the relaxing atmosphere Tropic lodging provides after a long day of exploring the parks and participating in fun, adventurous activities. Don’t miss out on all that Tropic has to offer! Book a stay at one of Tropics many lodging options.