Tropic, Utah is a small town located at the base of Bryce Canyon. This beautiful, quaint town experiences all four seasons throughout the course of the year. The landscape consists mostly of rock formations, shrubs, and grasslands. Even though the town of Tropic is in a desert environment, and most people associate the desert with hot temperatures, it can get quite cold, especially in the winter.
Tropic also experiences a variety of different weather conditions, including snow. Generally, the weather conditions in Tropic are mild. This means that visitors can enjoy their stay no matter what time of year they visit. Even during the rainiest or coldest months, visitors can find things to do in the area.

Below is a breakdown of the weather in Tropic, Utah throughout the year. While every year will vary greatly, there is a degree of predictability to the weather in the area. Travelers would be wise to look at the average weather and weather conditions that are usually experienced during the time they are staying in the area. This ensures that plans will be less likely to be ruined by poor weather. Though the weather cannot be predicted perfectly, the following is a great guideline for guests to use as they plan their trip.


Since Tropic is in an area of the country that experiences all four seasons, visitors have the chance to enjoy many different experiences and views throughout the year. Each season has something special to discover, so a visit at any time if the year, no matter the season, will be a great one.
The changing seasons determine the temperature and weather conditions that occur. Depending on what they hope to do during their stay, guests may want to choose their timing based on the season. By paying attention to the characteristics of each season and understanding what the weather will be like, visitors can plan the perfect trip and avoid harsh weather.

The months of December to March are winter months in Tropic. Winter brings along cold temperatures, snow, and ice. While the temperature usually stays above the freezing point, there are days when it dips down, creating an icy wonderland all through Tropic and the surrounding areas. Winter is a great time of year for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and even hiking. The generally mild winter is a great time to visit Tropic.

Beginning in March and ending in June, Spring is a beautiful time of year in Tropic. The temperature begins to rise, with an average high of around 60 degrees, and the days become longer. Spring is the season which snowfall turns to rain. This rain helps to usher in new plant life, but it can be bad news for outdoors enthusiasts. Local forecasts will give rainfall predictions that travelers can use to plan their days.

June to September is considered the summer months in Tropic, Utah. This time of year is the hottest time in Tropic. The temperature, while usually moderate, can soar to more than 90 degrees during the summer. Rainfall accumulation is experienced mostly as thunderstorms during this time. These thunderstorms can pop up quickly, so those who will be exploring canyons in the summer should pay attention to avoid being caught in a flash flood.

From September to December the weather in Tropic begins to cool and the landscape becomes more beautiful than ever. The leaves begin to change which attracts many visitors to the area. For travelers who prefer more mild temperatures, fall is the ideal time of year to visit Tropic.

Average monthly temperatures

Though temperatures can be a bit unpredictable, it is safe to assume that weather patterns will be followed throughout the year. In Tropic, as the year progresses the temperature rises and then, at the end of the year, it begins to fall. This pattern repeats each year allowing meteorologists to gather data and calculate the average high and low temperatures for each month. This data can be extremely helpful when planning a trip to Tropic.

The average high temperature is 32 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 12 degrees F.

The average high temperature is 41 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 12 degrees F.

The average high temperature is 45 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 15 degrees F.

The average high temperature is 52 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 21 degrees F.

The average high temperature is 60 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 26 degrees F.

The average high temperature is 70 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 34 degrees F.

The average high temperature is 80 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 42 degrees F.

The average high temperature is 81 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 52 degrees F.

The average high temperature is 70 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 40 degrees F.

The average high temperature is 61 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 34 degrees F.

The average high temperature is 48 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 22 degrees F.

The average high temperature is 35 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 11 degrees F.

Weather conditions

Across the world, weather conditions follow a similar ebb and flow. Except for extreme areas, like arid deserts and rain forests, things like rain, snow, and humidity affect the land. While these weather conditions seem to pop up unexpectedly, there is a rhyme and reason to their happenings. In Tropic, the following weather conditions are likely during certain times of the year, so being prepared for these conditions is important.

During the warmer months, thunderstorms are very likely in Tropic. While Tropic may experience weeks without rainfall, it is always possible for a thunderstorm to pop up at any time. Light rain is less likely to occur in Tropic. This is a good thing because thunderstorms generally move through the area quickly, allowing visitors to return to their outdoor activities more quickly.

Regarding the rain, it is important for those who will be exploring parks and canyons to be mindful of the chance of precipitation. In this area, a heavy rainfall can develop into a flash flood quickly. Flash floods can be dangerous, and even deadly, for even the most experienced outdoorsman. A quick look at the forecast before heading out and the occasional glance at the sky should protect adventurers from being stuck in a dangerous situation.

During colder months in Tropic, snowfall does occur. While accumulation is lower in the lower altitudes, some accumulation can occur throughout the area. Snowfall and ice can make outdoor activities more dangerous. On the flip side, a blanket of snow covering the Tropic landscape is one of the most beautiful sights many guests will ever see.

Snowfall opens the opportunity to experience many exciting activities. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and horseback riding can all be done in the winter. This means that Tropic is a terrific place to visit year-round.

Like all weather conditions in Tropic, the humidity fluctuates greatly throughout the year. Humidity ranges from very dry, around 10%, to very humid, up to 100%, throughout the year. The month of June experiences the lowest humidity while February has the highest. Generally, humidity should not interrupt a journey to Tropic, Utah.

Sunrise and sunset
Many don’t realize that sunrise and sunset play a big role in the daily weather, specifically the temperature. In rocky desert areas, the sun beating down during the day helps temperatures rise quickly. However, at sunset, these areas cool down very fast since there is usually lower humidity and the landscape cannot absorb and distribute heat. For these reasons, it is important for visitors to know the timing of sunrise and sunset so they do not get caught in the dark or cold temperatures.

In January, which is the month with the shortest amount of daylight, there are only ten hours of daylight. In June, the month with the most daylight, the average day experiences fourteen hours of daylight. This means that visitors in January will have significantly less time to do their daily activities than those who come in June.

It is a good idea for visitors who plan to do be outdoors to consider the sunrise and sunset times for Tropic. These can be found in the local weather forecast. This helps to ensure that adventurers do not get stuck outdoors overnight, which can be extremely dangerous.

Enjoy Tropic weather

The mild climate and generally enjoyable weather in Tropic make it the perfect place for outdoor adventures year-round. Those who love this area can take advantage of the changing seasons and visit a few times a year, each season will be a completely different experience. The changing seasons also allow for visitors to come during a time when the weather is just right for them. While some may love the heat of summer, others may prefer a milder time of year, like fall. No matter what time of year guests come to Tropic, they will enjoy every minute of their trip.